Memorial Day & Swing Songs from The Nightingale

Today on Radio Riel’s Main stream we present music in hon­or of the Amer­i­can Memo­r­i­al Day hol­i­day.

In today’s pro­gram you will hear pop­u­lar music from the eras of the Civ­il War, World War I and World War II, as well as mil­i­tary march­es and well-known songs that were writ­ten for, and dur­ing, the wars them­selves.

Also, tune in on either Radio Riel’s Main stream or on Radio Riel Dieselpunk from 12:30pm — 2:00pm North Amer­i­can Pacif­ic time for Gabrielle Riel’s “Swing Songs from The Nightin­gale: Boo­gie Woo­gie Bugle Boy”.

This hol­i­day began as “Dec­o­ra­tion Day”, a day to hon­or the sol­ders that were killed dur­ing the US Civ­il War, also known as the War Between the States. It became Memo­r­i­al Day, a hol­i­day to cel­e­brate all slain sol­diers from all wars after World War I, also known at The Great War.

Today’s pro­gram is pre­sent­ed by Gabrielle Riel. If you are in the Unit­ed States, please click here to launch the Stream Licens­ing play­er. To lis­ten from out­side of the Unit­ed States, click here to start your play­er .

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