May Day Eve

In somer when the shawes be sheyne,
And leves be large and long,
Hit is full mer­ry in feyre foreste
To here the foulys song.

To see the dere draw to the dale
And leve the hilles hee,
And shad­ow him in the leves grene
Under the green-wode tree.

Hit befell on Whit­son­tide
Ear­ly in a May mornyng,
The Sonne up faire can shyne,
And the brid­dis mery can syng.”
- Anony­mous, May in the Green Wode, 15h Cen­tu­ry

Lady Amber Palowak­s­ki and Lady Gabrielle Riel invite you to the May Day Eve cer­e­mo­ny & cel­e­bra­tion on Thurs, Apr 30, 12–2pm SLT at Lady Amber’s Ball­room in Cale­don Moors.

Pray join us at or tune in to .

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