May Day… and much more!

The month of May was come, when every lusty heart begin­neth to blos­som, and to bring forth fruit; for like as herbs and trees bring forth fruit and flour­ish in May, in like­wise every lusty heart that is in any man­ner a lover, springeth and flour­isheth in lusty deeds. For it giveth unto all lovers courage, that lusty month of May.
~ Sir Thomas Mal­o­ry, Le Morte d’Arthur 

Today’s Pro­grams on Radio Riel

All Day: Radio Riel Main — The Music of May Day by Gabrielle Riel. Ear­ly Music.

12:00pm — 1:30pm (North Amer­i­can) Pacif­ic Day­light Time: Radio Riel Rever­ie — The Beltane Ball by Soliel Snook. Celtic music.

The Ladies Bauer­hoff, Amber and Abi­gail Ray­mak­er-Palowak­s­ki, invite you on behalf of the Aether Chrononauts Relay for Life Team to join us for the New Toulouse RFL Beltane For­mal Ball at La Mai­son Bauer­hoff ( in New Toulouse Algiers. For­mal attire required.

1:00pm PDT: Radio Riel Main — Off the Shelf with Kghia Gher­ar­di and Sime­on Beres­ford.

Michael A. Stack­pole has con­quered galax­ies both near and far, writ­ing such notable books as I, JediTal­ion: Revenant, and the Bat­tletech nov­el Assump­tion of Risk. One of Mike’s lat­est works, In Hero Years… I’m Dead, plays with gen­res with enter­tain­ing results. He is also a gen­er­ous con­trib­u­tor to the writer com­mu­ni­ty, with his series The Secrets and the office hours he hosts in Sec­ond Life. Please join Kghia and Sime­on as they talk to Mike about his works, his career, and even his expe­ri­ences with e‑publishing. It will be a thought-pro­vok­ing and enter­tain­ing inter­view.

7:00pm PDT: Radio Riel Main — Tales from New Bab­bage: The Brown­ie of the Black Hag­gs by James Hogg. Per­formed by Victor1st Morn­ing­ton.

From Wikipedia:
James Hogg wrote in both Eng­lish and Scots. He had lit­tle for­mal edu­ca­tion, and became a shep­herd, liv­ing in grind­ing pover­ty, hence his nick­name, ‘The Ettrick Shep­herd’. His employ­er, James Laid­law of Black­house in the Yarrow val­ley, see­ing how hard he was work­ing to improve him­self, offered to help by mak­ing books avail­able. Hogg used these to essen­tial­ly teach him­self to read and write (some­thing he had achieved by the age of 14). In 1796 Robert Burns died, and Hogg, who had only just come to hear of him, was dev­as­tat­ed by the loss. He strug­gled to pro­duce poet­ry of his own, and Laid­law intro­duced him to Sir Wal­ter Scott, who asked him to help with a pub­li­ca­tion enti­tled The Min­strel­sy of the Scot­tish Bor­der.

Sec­ond Life Lis­ten­ing Par­ty at The Buck­et of Blood Pub­lic House in New Bab­bage. (

Radio Riel pro­duces this pro­gram in con­junc­tion with the Alexan­dri­an Free Library Con­sor­tium of Sec­ond Life. You can lis­ten to the pro­gram now at Today’s music orig­i­nates from the music library of Gabrielle Riel.

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