Mark your calendars

This week’s World Wednes­days pro­gram will give lis­ten­ers a taste of a tra­di­tion­al Sacred Harp singing ses­sion, fea­tur­ing a selec­tion of tunes from the Sacred Harp and oth­er shapenote hymnals–including some non-tra­di­tion­al inter­pre­ta­tions. The four-note fa-so-la-mi solfege sys­tem will be explained. The record­ings will include an intro­duc­to­ry prayer, and there will be a live “memo­r­i­al les­son” to remem­ber those who are gone.

So mark your cal­en­dars for Wednes­day, March 4, 6–7pm SLT at at the Radio Riel Lis­ten­ing Room and Music Library on Wyre, or lis­ten at

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