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by rieladmin on Saturday, 28 May, 2011

Join us today on Radio Riel at 11am and 7pm Pacific Time (7pm and 3am in the UK) on Radio Riel’s Main Stream for the start of two new adventures from our friends at the ZBS Foundation.

At the top of the hour we join Jack Flanders in The Mystery of Jaguar Reef.  Jack investigates a puzzling case of personality change and soon finds himself scuba-diving into a dilemma off the shores of Belize. Where did this mysterious pirate wreck come from? Is Jack really a pawn in a cosmic chess game? And why does everyone around him seem to be “Walk-ins”, except (perhaps) Captain Coco, his local liaison? Pulsing festival rhythms, a dose of potent “Viper Rum” — and the pirate ship ascends into the tropical night sky. Jack is suddenly at the helm suspecting that some kind of alien plot is afloat. And so it is…

Then at half-past the hour we join Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe in Far Flung Farouk. She’s back! In fact, the whole gang is back: the feisty archaeologist, T.J. Teru; the cool & collected techie, And/Or; and the toothy grinning little, Rodent Kapoor… ‘er Rodant Kapoor. The gang returns to the planet of Illuboo Roi, a planet inhabited by wise & waddley, pear-shaped peoples.

Far Flung Farouk is a desert kingdom that few Illuboos have ever seen, so it is a great honor for Teru being invited by Prince Hee Haw Bop to be the first to open the forbidden tombs of the ancient Phar-Oops of Far Farouk. Of course, the Prince fails to mention the Black Curse of the Phar-Oops, a curse created by Phar-Oop the 14th half-crazed Court Jester, Wop Wop Bop. Well, curses never stopped Ruby — and so in they go, deep beneath the circular mountain kingdom of Far Farouk, searching for ancient artifacts & royal knickknacks. What they discover are the gigantic sarcophagi of all fourteen Phar-Oops, including their round, rolling mummies and of course, they all discover, the dreaded Black Curse! Eeee!


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