Main: The ZBS Radio Hour: Two New Adventures!

Join us today on Radio Riel at 11am and 7pm Pacif­ic Time (7pm and 3am in the UK) on Radio Riel’s Main Stream for the start of two new adven­tures from our friends at the ZBS Foun­da­tion.

At the top of the hour we join Jack Flan­ders in The Mys­tery of Jaguar Reef.  Jack inves­ti­gates a puz­zling case of per­son­al­i­ty change and soon finds him­self scu­ba-div­ing into a dilem­ma off the shores of Belize. Where did this mys­te­ri­ous pirate wreck come from? Is Jack real­ly a pawn in a cos­mic chess game? And why does every­one around him seem to be “Walk-ins”, except (per­haps) Cap­tain Coco, his local liai­son? Puls­ing fes­ti­val rhythms, a dose of potent “Viper Rum” — and the pirate ship ascends into the trop­i­cal night sky. Jack is sud­den­ly at the helm sus­pect­ing that some kind of alien plot is afloat. And so it is…

Then at half-past the hour we join Ruby the Galac­tic Gumshoe in Far Flung Farouk. She’s back! In fact, the whole gang is back: the feisty archae­ol­o­gist, T.J. Teru; the cool & col­lect­ed techie, And/Or; and the toothy grin­ning lit­tle, Rodent Kapoor… ‘er Rodant Kapoor. The gang returns to the plan­et of Illu­boo Roi, a plan­et inhab­it­ed by wise & wad­dley, pear-shaped peo­ples.

Far Flung Farouk is a desert king­dom that few Illu­boos have ever seen, so it is a great hon­or for Teru being invit­ed by Prince Hee Haw Bop to be the first to open the for­bid­den tombs of the ancient Phar-Oops of Far Farouk. Of course, the Prince fails to men­tion the Black Curse of the Phar-Oops, a curse cre­at­ed by Phar-Oop the 14th half-crazed Court Jester, Wop Wop Bop. Well, curs­es nev­er stopped Ruby — and so in they go, deep beneath the cir­cu­lar moun­tain king­dom of Far Farouk, search­ing for ancient arti­facts & roy­al knick­knacks. What they dis­cov­er are the gigan­tic sar­copha­gi of all four­teen Phar-Oops, includ­ing their round, rolling mum­mies and of course, they all dis­cov­er, the dread­ed Black Curse! Eeee!

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