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Today on our Main Stream we are pre­sent­ing a pro­gramme of light music, fea­tur­ing a col­lec­tion of pri­mar­i­ly instru­men­tal arrange­ments of songs by the Bea­t­les — though with­out a sin­gle Bea­t­les record­ing. Tune in to hear the likes of Per­cy Faith, George Mar­tin, John­ny Har­ris, John Rut­ter and Ron Good­win — and more. In amongst the Lennon & McCart­ney tunes — which include some sur­pris­es — we’ll play a selec­tion of Light Music com­po­si­tions.

In par­tic­u­lar lis­ten out for tracks from Per­cy Faith’s The Bea­t­les Album and, of course, John Rut­ter’s 1977 The Bea­t­les Con­cer­to with Ros­tal & Schae­fer on piano and the Roy­al Liv­er­pool Phil con­duct­ed by Ron Good­win.

John Rut­ter wrote:

The Bea­t­les Con­cer­to still makes me smile. My old friends Peter Ros­tal and Paul Schae­fer offered me what must be the most unlike­ly chal­lenge of my com­pos­ing career when they asked if I could cre­ate a grand roman­tic-style con­cer­to for two pianos and orches­tra from Bea­t­les songs. As a Bea­t­les fan, I accept­ed the chal­lenge, but grate­ful­ly made use of three of Peter and Paul’s own two-piano arrange­ments: these appear in the first move­ment, where the piano parts in the sec­tions based on Eleanor Rig­by, Yes­ter­day, and Hey Jude are theirs, not mine. After that, I took off on my own, and huge­ly enjoyed con­triv­ing cas­cades of chro­mat­ics, arm­fuls of arpeg­gios and del­uges of dou­ble octaves, all shame­less­ly plun­dered from the great mas­ters. The best part of it all was that I didn’t have to play it: that’s a fin­ger-break­ing task I have hap­pi­ly left to Peter and Paul, who have nev­er com­plained. But let’s not for­get that there is an under­ly­ing ten­der­ness in so many Bea­t­les songs; this comes to the fore in the sec­ond move­ment, which is based on one of the loveli­est of them, Here, there and every­where.” (Wikipedia)

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