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by Gabrielle Riel on Sunday, 3 August, 2014

Oné of the things that I (Gabrielle) love so much about Radio Riel’s eclectic main stream is that we are able to feature music for holidays, important dates in history and pop culture events. Today’s program falls into that last category.

In honor of the première of the new television series “Outlander”, today’s program on Radio Riel’s main stream is traditional and folk music from Scotland.

With no official soundtrack out yet for “Outlander”, Radio Riel is happy to provide an unofficial one in today’s program. The majority of the “Outlander” story is set in Scotland in 1743, just two years prior to the last Jacobite rebellion. Today’s program features many songs that were written at that time, or just after, in order to provide support for the Jacobite cause.

Composer Bear McCreary has written the score for the show and he has kindly taken the time to introduce himself and his work to Outlander fans. Hopefully there will be an official soundtrack at some point, but until then please enjoy today’s Scottish music on Radio Riel!

Today’s program is presented by Gabrielle Riel. If you are in the United States, please click here to launch the Stream Licensing player. To listen from outside of the United States, click here to start your player .


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