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by Elrik Merlin on Wednesday, 28 March, 2018

Today’s programme traces the development of the musical from the work of Gilbert & Sullivan through that of composers like Monckton (The Arcadians, which is in a way a bridge between G& S and what we now think of as a “musical”) and German (and we include a 20‐minute archive recording from the Decca Ace of Clubs 1950s recording of extracts of his Merrie England) up to the present day Broadway and West End blockbusters.

Today’s programme is deliberately light on Great American Songbook material — although of course these composers were key to the history of the musical, and they are by no means absent here — because we have a special programme dedicated to them that you can hear another time. Instead, we’ve focused on earlier works, like Chu Chin Chow, Maid of the Mountains and White Horse Inn, and then a number of more recent productions. In any event, we hope you’ll enjoy today’s programme and will know some of the songs to sing along.

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