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For the past sev­er­al months the world has been prepar­ing for the 100th anniver­sary of the sink­ing of the Titan­ic. For exam­ple, director/producer James Cameron has re-released the 1997 film in 3D. Addi­tion­al­ly, I (Gabrielle) am extreme­ly lucky to have The Hen­ry Ford Muse­um in my neigh­bor­hood so I can attend its cur­rent spe­cial exhi­bi­tion of Titan­ic arti­facts.

The Titan­ic sank on April 15, 1912, and our pro­gram on Radio Riel’s Main stream will fea­ture music from that era all week­end. You will hear vin­tage record­ings pro­duced dur­ing the first two decades of the 20th Cen­tu­ry, rag­time piano, arrange­ments of pop­u­lar songs for small orchestras…and yes, a few songs from the sound­track to the 1997 movie.

As the world remem­bers those that were lost on that day, Radio Riel would like to specif­i­cal­ly hon­or the musi­cians of the Titan­ic, none of whom sur­vived: Wal­lace Hart­ley (band­mas­ter, vio­lin), Roger Marie Bricoux (cel­lo), Theodore Ronald Brai­ley (piano), John Wes­ley Wood­ward (cel­lo), John Fred­er­ick Pre­ston Clarke (string bass, vio­la), John Law Hume (vio­lin), Per­cy Cor­nelius Tay­lor (piano) and Georges Alexan­dré Krins (vio­lin).

Today’s pro­gram is pre­sent­ed by Gabrielle Riel. To lis­ten, click here to start your play­er . If you are in the Unit­ed States, please use the fol­low­ing link: .
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