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by Elrik Merlin on Saturday, 5 January, 2019

Main: Modern Classical Music

Today’s programme features “Modern Classical Music” — but what does that mean, exactly?

Well, in the context of today’s programme, we’re talking about pieces of music written between around the mid‐20th Century until the present day, that aren’t exactly “pop music”.

This is a tricky definition, however. Mike Batt has remarked that there is no such distinction as “popular music” and “serious music” — there’s simply “popular” and “unpopular”, so the definition rather falls at the first fence.

Today’s programme is a bit of a wild hunt. It includes famous names like William Walton and John Rutter, but it also includes the Penguin Café Orchestra and the North Sea Radio Orchestra, both of whom could perhaps be described as playing “alternative chamber music” — and we will be featuring the latter’s new album of early works, Gap Species, on today’s programme. There are pieces from Karl Jenkins and Joby Talbot, a recorder concerto from Richard Harvey, works by Christopher Gunning and John Barry that aren’t either composer’s work for film and TV, and the Muffin Men playing arrangements of music by Frank Zappa. And a great deal more.

Today’s programme may be a little odd. But we do hope you enjoy it.

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