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Yes­ter­day the  was the anniver­sary of ‘Duke’ Elling­ton’s birth.  Edward Kennedy Elling­ton was born April 29 1899 in Wash­ing­ton DC.  Enjoy his lega­cy of music today.

This Jazz great wrote over 1000 com­po­si­tions.  In the opin­ion of Bob Blu­men­thal of The Boston Globe “In the cen­tu­ry since his birth, there has been no greater com­pos­er, Amer­i­can or oth­er­wise, than Edward Kennedy Elling­ton.” A major fig­ure in the his­to­ry of jazz, Elling­ton’s music stretched into var­i­ous oth­er gen­res, includ­ing blues, gospel, film scores, pop­u­lar, and clas­si­cal. His career spanned more than 50 years and includ­ed lead­ing his orches­tra, com­pos­ing an inex­haustible song­book, scor­ing for movies, com­pos­ing stage musi­cals, and world tours. Sev­er­al of his instru­men­tal works were adapt­ed into songs that became stan­dards. Due to his inven­tive use of the orches­tra, or big band, and thanks to his elo­quence and extra­or­di­nary charis­ma, he is gen­er­al­ly con­sid­ered to have ele­vat­ed the per­cep­tion of jazz to an art form on a par with oth­er tra­di­tion­al gen­res of music. His rep­u­ta­tion increased after his death and the Pulitzer Prize Board bestowed on him a spe­cial posthu­mous hon­or in 1999.

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