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Janet Wright - Soliel Snook

On May 12, 2007, Janet Wright, an Amer­i­can ex-pat liv­ing in Scot­land decid­ed to check out the vir­tu­al world of Sec­ond Life. It was on that day that she cre­at­ed the avatar “Soliel Snook” and unknow­ing­ly began an adven­ture that would con­tin­ue for the rest of her life. She became an expert 3D con­tent cre­ator, a region design­er-own­er and part of the team at Radio Riel.

It has been five years since Janet passed on April 24, 2015 and thir­teen years since she joined the vir­tu­al world. In Sec­ond Life, the date of the day that you join is logged in your avatar’s pro­file. Sec­ond Life res­i­dents refer to that join­ing-date as a “rez­day”, which is essen­tial­ly your avatar’s birth­day. Sec­ond Life res­i­dents cel­e­brate their rez­days just as peo­ple in the phys­i­cal world cel­e­brate their birth­days. We cel­e­brat­ed many of Soliel’s rez­days over the years — and yes­ter­day, May 12, would have been her 13th.

I met Soleil in the Sec­ond Life region of Cale­don, soon after I came into the vir­tu­al world in March 2007. She was always won­der­ful to talk to, pre­pared to make help­ful com­ments and give advice, and she soon become a val­ued friend in my life in the vir­tu­al world.

We both became involved in Radio Riel that year and she soon became an inte­gral part of the sta­tion, both behind the scenes and on the air, and I always enjoyed her pro­grammes – often fea­tur­ing jazz or Celtic music – and dis­cov­ered that, though she was Amer­i­can, she lived in the Scot­tish High­lands, in a lit­tle town on the North side of the Moray Firth, just across the water from the Find­horn Foun­da­tion, with which she and I shared a con­nec­tion, and near where I live today. Even­tu­al­ly she left the High­lands and moved back the the US to start a new life in Flori­da.

Today I’m play­ing a pro­gramme of Celtic music from across the Celtic Lands, in her mem­o­ry. Good­bye, dear Janet: you will be sore­ly missed by many, in many worlds.

Elrik Merlin/Richard Elen includ­ing text from Gabrielle Riel.

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