Magnatune Monday…The Pianists

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by Gabrielle Riel on Monday, 29 September, 2008

It’s Magnatune Monday, and today’s program features Magnatune’s pianists. Please enjoy this mix of Classical and New Age pianists! We will hear works performed by the following Magnatune Artists:

  • Justin Bianco
  • Rob Costlow
  • Jan Hanford
  • Streicher Trio
  • Ivan Ilic
  • Elizabeth Wolff
  • Daniel Ben Pienaar

Radio Riel’s music today is from the extensive library of Magnatune, an innovative record company on the cutting edge of internet-based content production and distribution. Magnatune, whose motto is “We are not evil”, was launched by John Buckman in mid-2004 and today represents a remarkable collection of artists from all kinds of genres.

To find out more about Magnatune, read their information pages. But above all, listen to the music here on Radio Riel’s Magnatune programs, and if you like what you hear, support them! Visit the site, and buy some of the music you’ve been listening to. There are lots of other listening options on the site too. For a more detailed study of Magnatune’s business model, check out this Open Rights Group case study.

Radio Riel produces this program in conjunction with the Caledon Library in Second Life. Today’s music originates from the music library of Gabrielle Riel.

For more information on the Caledon Library, current exhibits and the work of Second Life reference libraries in general, please visit the Caledon Library Web site, or one of their locations in-world.

You can listen to the program now, or simply visit any Caledon Library branch in-world and press Play on your embedded music player.


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