Magic Kingdom Monday

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by Elrik Merlin on Monday, 5 January, 2009

You’ve seen the movies (or your kids have)… you’ve heard the songs… and maybe you’ve even been there. The Magic Kingdom – the fantastic creation of characters, places and music that sprang from the mind of Walt Disney.

Today, Gabrielle Riel presents a Magic Kingdom Monday, with all the best in music and sounds from everything Disney: Disneyland, Disney World, and classic Disney movies.

The Disney organisation works with some of the top composers and artistes in the world, and it shows – even the humblest ride at Disneyland includes music and sound with a level of professionalism and sheer brilliance that is guaranteed to move you and bring alive a unique sense of magic.

Think of the music to It’s A Small World.… (oops, sorry, now you won’t be able to forget it!) for example, and you know you’re listening to a truly accomplished and beautifully-crafted arrangement.

So.… take your mind off work and take yourself off to the Magic Kingdom for a day – Magic Kingdom Monday!

• Image: Wikimedia Commons


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