Lovecraftian Ball

Ph’nglui mglw’­nafh Cthul­hu R’lyeh wgah’­nagl fhtagn!”

The stars are right and it’s time to sum­mon up old Cthul­hu and his Great Old One chums for the Dark Vic­to­ri­ans’ Love­craft­ian Ball. A dance of dark hor­ror and elder gods inspired by the works of H.P. Love­craft.

Date: 18th August

Time: 2–5pm SLT

Place: Schnabel…er Cthul­hu Grove in Tan­gle­wood

Dress: Infor­mal — Love­craft­ian inspired, Dark Vic­to­ri­an and Goth­ic

Music by: Lord Edward (Radio Riel Goth God) Pearse

Please con­tact Miss Vio­let Schn­abel for more infor­ma­tion.

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2 Responses to “Lovecraftian Ball”

  1. Rane says:

    I know I’m the jok­er of the bunch, but please show some respect for HP Love­craft folks…this guy has my utmost admi­ra­tion and is prob­a­bly my sin­gle great­est inspi­ra­tion.

    If I can’t make it, here’s to you HP!

    That is not dead which can eter­nal lie and with strange eons even death may die.”

  2. Edward Pearse says:

    If I could get my hands on a copy of Shog­goth on the Roof I would be play­ing it with­out ques­tion 🙂

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