Leather and Lace Metal Dance

in Daily Programme

by Diamanda Gustafson on Wednesday, 28 November, 2007

Do you want to hear how metal really sounds? Do you, punk?

Come one, come all to the First of many Leather and Lace Metal Dances, at the Courtyard of Coughton Court, customized for the occasion by the Dance’s hostess, Lady Edwina Heron. The Lady of Whoop-Ass, Pipes and Devastation, Diamanda Gustafson will be spinning from 5 to 8pm SLT, with the sole promise to metal up your rump. Waivers to be signed at the front door.

RR Host: Eladrienne Laval
SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Caledon%20Carntaigh/85/205/25


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