Khalas — Music of the Revolution — Monday 6–8:30PM SLT

It’s a time of his­toric change in the Arab world, with pro-democ­ra­cy upris­ings in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and beyond. Tonight, Mon­day Night World Music turns our ears toward that tur­bu­lent part of the world, with a cel­e­bra­to­ry musi­cal adven­ture into music of North Africa and all over the Mid­dle East.

Tonight’s set will fea­ture brand new music inspired by — and inspir­ing to — the pro­test­ers them­selves, the peo­ple out in the streets fight­ing for change. Tonight’s set includes selec­tions from Kha­las Mix Tape Vol. 1, a col­lec­tion of rev­o­lu­tion­ary hip-hop released on the Inter­net last month and fea­tur­ing the likes of El Gen­er­al (Tunisia), Lofti Dou­ble Kanon (Alge­ria), and Ramy Don­je­w­an (Egypt). Also fea­tured — a rev­o­lu­tion-inspired remix by Nat­acha Atlas, a protest song by Tunisian rap­per Balti, and more.

In addi­tion to these recent polit­i­cal songs, we’ll be delv­ing into Mon­day Night World Music’s diverse col­lec­tion of North African, Ara­bic, Israeli, Turk­ish, and Per­sian music as well.

So hop on your mag­ic car­pet and come join us for this musi­cal trip to the Mid­dle East, tonight from 6–8:30PM SLT. You can join Carter in Sec­ond Life at Mad­hu’s Café Indi­en. Or, lis­ten in on Radio Riel’s main stream. Hope to see you there!

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