Khalas — Music of the Revolution — Monday 6–8:30PM SLT

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by rieladmin on Monday, 14 March, 2011

It’s a time of historic change in the Arab world, with pro-democracy uprisings in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and beyond. Tonight, Monday Night World Music turns our ears toward that turbulent part of the world, with a celebratory musical adventure into music of North Africa and all over the Middle East.

Tonight’s set will feature brand new music inspired by — and inspiring to — the protesters themselves, the people out in the streets fighting for change. Tonight’s set includes selections from Khalas Mix Tape Vol. 1, a collection of revolutionary hip-hop released on the Internet last month and featuring the likes of El General (Tunisia), Lofti Double Kanon (Algeria), and Ramy Donjewan (Egypt). Also featured — a revolution-inspired remix by Natacha Atlas, a protest song by Tunisian rapper Balti, and more.

In addition to these recent political songs, we’ll be delving into Monday Night World Music’s diverse collection of North African, Arabic, Israeli, Turkish, and Persian music as well.

So hop on your magic carpet and come join us for this musical trip to the Middle East, tonight from 6–8:30PM SLT. You can join Carter in Second Life at Madhu’s Café Indien. Or, listen in on Radio Riel’s main stream. Hope to see you there!


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