Jump and Jive!

Eva Bel­lam­bi, the Duchess of Cale­don Loch Avie, invites you to a 1940s World War II USO — inspired par­ty in Loch Avie today from 6:30–8:30 PM SLT. The event will take place high in the skies over the Loch. You will find the tele­por­ta­tion device just out­side the Loch Avie Pub­lic House (it looks rather like a Scot­tish jell‑o cube).

Iason Has­sanov and Hot­spur O’Toole have been cre­at­ing an appro­pri­ate visu­al scene, and the Duchess encour­ages you to come in your favorite WWII uni­form, your best USO cos­tume, or any­thing else from the 1940s; how­ev­er, that is cer­tain­ly not required. Just join us and have some fun!

Pre­sen­ter Otenth Pader­born has cre­at­ed a playlist that includes both stan­dards and his typ­i­cal unex­pect­ed twists. If you can’t join us in-world, lis­ten in at http://music2.radioriel.org

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