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by Elrik Merlin on Saturday, 30 May, 2009

June 1st is a special day in the Radio Riel calendar, for it is on this day, back in 2007, that the sound of Radio Riel was first heard across the regions of Caledon in Second Life. Since then, Radio Riel has become a significant broadcaster in Second Life and beyond, providing a 24-hour service bringing our own eclectic brand of music from the past, in-world and to the Internet at large, as well as providing music for entertainments across the grid along with educational and literary events.

Two years on, the station is now poised to take the next step in its development, opening up new audiences on the Internet and in emerging virtual environments. Exciting changes are ahead, which we will be announcing in full shortly.

In the meantime, come and join us for a special 24-hour live broadcast from The Clarendon in New Babbage — — where many of our presenters will be playing the music they love, and that you can hear from day to day on the Radio Riel Main Stream. The programme is as follows (all listings subject to change: times SLT/PDT):

Time Presenter Program
0:00 Magdalena Kamenev Jazz/pop remixes
1:00 Gabrielle Riel Victorian/Edwardian Music
2:00 Gabrielle Riel Victorian/Edwardian Music
3:00 Gabrielle Riel Victorian/Edwardian Music
4:00 Edward Pearse TBD
5:00 Edward Pearse Scottish Sounds
6:00 Edward Pearse Mad Science Choons
7:00 Gabrielle Riel Steampunk
8:00 Gabrielle Riel Electronica Evolution
9:00 Diamanda Gustafson Loudband and Folk
10:00 Diamanda Gustafson Loudband and Folk
11:00 Gabrielle Riel French Music of all Genres
12:00 Soliel Snook Jazz in the Afternoon
13:00 Elrik Merlin The Early Music Show
14:00 Elrik Merlin Celtic Miscellany
15:00 Elrik Merlin The Light Programme
16:00 Otenth Paderborn Scandinavian
17:00 Gabrielle Riel Modern Classical
18:00 Gabrielle Riel Modern American Classical
19:00 Magdalena Kamenev Nuevo Tango/Digital Cumbia
20:00 Mitsu Figaro Traditional Japanese
21:00 Mitsu Figaro Jpop/rock
22:00 Mitsu Figaro Techno around the world
23:00 Magdalena Kamenev Mad Mash-Ups

Please join us in person to listen on-site; dance or have a cup of tea. Or tune in to our Main Stream*.

*Please bear in mind that our Main Stream server has changed: check this article for details.


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