It’s… Fuschiarama!

Fuschi­a’s Frocks, Cale­don Well­sian,
Fri­day 30 May, 1–4pm SLT (21:00–midnight BST)

Good News Every­one!

From the lunatics who brought you the excru­ci­at­ing pun par­ties Night­wear Before Christ­mas and Back to the Fuschia, comes:

(Filmed in Pix­ievi­sion)

Time trav­el, giant ben­ders (fnerk), alien space inva­sions, crash­es, trav­el tubes, Slurm and Pop­plers (but sad­ly, orang­utans are out of sea­son).

Danc­ing Space Pota­toes? YOU BET!

And Radio Riel’s Mr Mer­lin is on the decks. Well, not lit­er­al­ly, obvi­ous­ly, so long as we hide all the wine. Again. [I don’t need to drink – I can give it up any­time (hic) —EM]

So grab your Hyp­no­toad and cheese it to Fuschi­a’s Frocks in Cale­don Well­sian, Fri­day 30th May from 1–4pm SLT.

Just over the moun­tains to the north of the Well­sian tele­hub, or rezz the TP box you might find there.

If you can’t be there, tune in on ( in-world)

Wow, you got that off the Inter­net? In my day, the Inter­net was only used to down­load pornog­ra­phy…”

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