It’s… Fuschiarama!

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by Elrik Merlin on Friday, 30 May, 2008

Fuschia’s Frocks, Caledon Wellsian,
Friday 30 May, 1–4pm SLT (21:00–midnight BST)

Good News Everyone!

From the lunatics who brought you the excruciating pun parties Nightwear Before Christmas and Back to the Fuschia, comes:

(Filmed in Pixievision)

Time travel, giant benders (fnerk), alien space invasions, crashes, travel tubes, Slurm and Popplers (but sadly, orangutans are out of season).

Dancing Space Potatoes? YOU BET!

And Radio Riel’s Mr Merlin is on the decks. Well, not literally, obviously, so long as we hide all the wine. Again. [I don’t need to drink – I can give it up anytime (hic) —EM]

So grab your Hypnotoad and cheese it to Fuschia’s Frocks in Caledon Wellsian, Friday 30th May from 1–4pm SLT.

Just over the mountains to the north of the Wellsian telehub, or rezz the TP box you might find there.

If you can’t be there, tune in on ( in-world)

Wow, you got that off the Internet? In my day, the Internet was only used to download pornography…”


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