It’s baaack! Gen X with Gabrielle!

Once upon a time, I (Gabrielle) decid­ed I want­ed to be a DJ in Sec­ond Life. I approached the own­ers of T1 Radio, Trad­er Whiplash and Nuala Mara­cas, and pitched a show to them called “Gen X with Gabrielle”. “Gen X”, I said, was going to be music that was released (and/or pop­u­lar) from 1980 — 1999…the years when Gen­er­a­tion X ruled pop cul­ture.

After sev­er­al inter­views, demos and dis­cus­sions about for­mat, Trad­er and Nuala agreed to run­ning the show on T1 Radio, and on Sun­day, Jan­u­ary 21, 2007, I (ter­ri­fied out of my wits) played the first ever “Gen X with Gabrielle”.

Dur­ing my inter­view process I had assured Trad­er and Nuala that I just want­ed to be a DJ and to work for them. I had *no* desire to be the boss, and I was at their dis­pos­al for gigs…I just had these “once in awhile” Clas­si­cal music events that I would play in Caledon…no big deal… *grins*

Gen X with Gabrielle” ran on T1 Radio from Jan — June 2007. After Radio Riel launched on June 1 of that year, I moved the Gen X show to Radio Riel, and the dance at my manor Coughton Court in Cale­don Carn­taigh. Cale­do­nians would gath­er there on Sun­day evenings and get their 80s and 90s on! Gen X went on hia­tus by the end of 2007 due to Radio Riel’s busy (and becom­ing busier!) event sched­ule.

I revived Gen X in 2008. We moved the event to biweek­ly Thurs­day evenings and the venue to “Time­less Unde­ground”, Time­less Pro­to­type­’s club. And once again Radio Riel’s intense sched­ule required me to put it on hia­tus by the end of 2008.

And here we are — Sum­mer 2009! And it’s Tuesday…which means our week­ly show, “Terp­si­chore Tues­day” in the City of Enoch. Each week one of the Radio Riel Pre­sen­ters plays the music of their choice…as long as it’s dance­able. I have decid­ed to bring “Gen X with Gabrielle” back to life as a part of Terp­si­chore Tues­days. So, from today for­ward, the last Tues­day of every month will be “Gen X with Gabrielle”!

Join me tonight from 6:00pm — 7:30pm SLT in the City of Enoch ( as I fea­ture “The Hits of 1983”, many of which were by bands that were con­sid­ered to be the Sec­ond British Inva­sion. MTV was start­ing to real­ly affect the pop charts in the States by 1983, and there was a lot of “new wave” music that hit the top 40!

If you can not join us, please tune in on Radio Riel’s Event stream .

It’s going to be a *total­ly awe­some* evening. 😉

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