Introducing the Radio Riel Sponsorship Program

Radio Riel Sponsorship Program

Radio Riel offers spon­sor­ship to indi­vid­u­als and busi­ness­es that would like to con­tribute to our efforts in bring­ing our eclec­tic vari­ety of music and pro­gram­ming to Sec­ond Life res­i­dents and lis­ten­ers on the Inter­net.

Radio Riel is a Sec­ond Life/Internet ver­sion of an Actu­al Life non­prof­it, pub­lic radio ser­vice, such as the British Broad­cast­ing Cor­po­ra­tion (BBC), the Cana­di­an Broad­cast­ing Cor­po­ra­tion (CBC) and Nation­al Pub­lic Radio (NPR).  There­fore we do not run tra­di­tion­al radio com­mer­cials.  Instead we car­ry spon­sor mes­sages, very much in the same style as you might find on Nation­al Pub­lic Radio in the Unit­ed States.

Spon­sor­ship earns you the fol­low­ing:
  • A short, on-air spon­sor mes­sage sim­i­lar to: “Pro­gram­ming on Radio Riel is is made pos­si­ble in part by spon­sors such as the XYZ Com­pa­ny.  The XYZ Com­pa­ny, the place to fill all of your XYZ needs in Sec­ond Life.  Vis­it the XYZ Com­pa­ny in the ABC Sim.”
  • Mes­sage play on all six Radio Riel streams: Radio Riel Main, Radio Riel New Toulouse, Radio Riel Steam­punk, Radio Riel Dieselpunk, Radio Riel Rever­ie and Radio Riel Volksmusik.
  • Your logo on the Radio Riel web­site with a link to your web­site, or your SLURL in SL.
There are two lev­els of spon­sor­ship avail­able:
  • Pre­mi­um Spon­sor­ship
    $10,000 L per month — $40 USD
    Spon­sor mes­sage plays 8 times a day (once every 3 hours), on each of the Radio Riel streams, every day for the month 
  •  Stan­dard Spon­sor­ship
    $5,000 L per month — $20 USD

    Spon­sor mes­sage plays 4 times a day (once every 6 hours), on each of the Radio Riel streams, every day for the month

You can pay in Lin­dens via a meter set up for you at Radio Riel Head­quar­ters in New Toulouse Jardin or in US Dol­lars via Pay­pal.

Spon­sor mes­sage guide­lines are as fol­lows:
  • Spon­sor mes­sages begin with a pre­am­ble that may vary slight­ly from mes­sage to mes­sage, of the form, “Today’s pro­gram­ming on Radio Riel is made pos­si­ble in part by” fol­lowed by the name of the spon­sor.
  • Spon­sor mes­sages are a max­i­mum of 15 sec­onds in length.
  • Radio Riel on-air tal­ent will record the spon­sor mes­sage.
  • Radio Riel will restrict spon­sor mes­sages to fac­tu­al infor­ma­tion about the spon­sor, includ­ing loca­tion, prod­uct name and descrip­tion of ser­vices.
  • Spon­sor mes­sages may con­tain SL loca­tion infor­ma­tion, names of con­tacts to IM, web site address­es and loca­tions.
  • Spon­sor mes­sages can con­tain a well-estab­lished slo­gan or cor­po­rate posi­tion­ing state­ment.
Please let us know if there is any spe­cif­ic infor­ma­tion you must have in your spon­sor mes­sage.

Con­tact Gabrielle Riel to become a Radio Riel Spon­sor.
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