If it Ain’t Baroquen…

Baroque has to be the ulti­mate in gild­ing the lily. Lots of osten­ta­tious orna­men­ta­tion, over the top alle­gor­i­cal art­work and grandiose build­ings full of their own impor­tance. But as with all things it was of it’s time. Music too reflect­ed a change in style with 17th cen­tu­ry music becom­ing more aware of what could be done with co-ordi­nat­ed instru­ments and less impro­vi­sa­tion by the per­form­ers. New instru­ments were devel­oped and ideas expand­ed upon.

Lumi­nar­ies such as Johann Sebas­t­ian Bach, George Frid­er­ic Han­del, Alessan­dro Scar­lat­ti, Anto­nio Vival­di, Jean-Bap­tiste Lul­ly, Arcan­ge­lo Corel­li and Jean-Philippe Rameau con­tributed great­ly to the sound of the age and would influ­ence lat­er com­posers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Mendelssohn, who moved music from the Baroque to the Clas­si­cal.

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