Host Profile: Moxie Grumby

Rez day: April 29, 2005

Blog: Ano­dyne

Known alias­es: The Mox­ter, Fox­ie Mox­ie

Host­ing expe­ri­ence: I’ve been man­ag­ing Time­less Under­ground since June of this year. I’ve host­ed for Rane at the Rock Fac­to­ry a few times now. I also occa­sion­al­ly host and DJ at The Dif­fuse Lounge. I get real­ly fid­gety when there’s a group of peo­ple and no one’s talk­ing and I’m hap­pi­est when the con­ver­sa­tions flow­ing and there’s room for any­one to add some­thing – which is large­ly why I’m fond of vis­it­ing Cale­don events.

Favorites: I have lots of favorites, it’s hard for me to pin down as they’re ever chang­ing.

Musi­cal­ly I am all over the map – Place­bo, Bil­lie Hol­i­day, Depeche Mode, Jane Siber­ry, Moby, NIN, The House­martins, The Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Era­sure, Pete Seeger, Charles Trenet, Frank Sina­tra…

Oth­er favorite things include: kyoot Japan­ese things, The Princess Bride, Mon­ty Python, 24, BBC Amer­i­ca, This Amer­i­can Life on NPR, Res­cue Rem­e­dy, The New York­er, Sno­cones, Neal Stephen­son, The Bor­row­ers, Shaun of the Dead, Vit­a­min Water, any­thing made out of Melamine, and peo­ple that make me gig­gle.

What do you hope to bring to Radio Riel: I’ll bring my sun­ny dis­po­si­tion and unfor­tu­nate pen­chant for nev­er being dressed in the cor­rect era for any giv­en event.

How did you get start­ed in SL? I beta test­ed TSO (Alphav­ille) and then heard about There.Com. Thank­ful­ly, I found out about SL short­ly there­after and nev­er went back. My par­a­digm was shift­ed, my mind was blown, and I was imme­di­ate­ly addict­ed. Sad­ly, I was lost to the land of dial-up for a year or so, and returned this past April. This sec­ond go-round has been even bet­ter than the first.

Oth­er: When I am not work­ing, I can often be found in my giant mail­box on Ravkom. I love find­ing sil­ly things to do, and help­ing peo­ple out.

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One Response to “Host Profile: Moxie Grumby”

  1. Rane says:

    Wel­come Mox­ie! q:)

    Sor­ry if my avvie is chew­ing your fingers…he real­ly needs to knock it off 🙂

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