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Name: Joman­der Tre­foil.

I was raised by my father, a car­tog­ra­ph­er in ser­vice to The Guvnah, who stead­fast­ly refused to dis­cuss the ori­gins of my name with me. After his trag­ic death (he was crushed by a col­laps­ing adver­tis­ing hoard­ing in Bling­tar­dia) I searched through his jour­nals seek­ing an expla­na­tion. I dis­cov­ered a pas­sage writ­ten in a lan­guage spo­ken by only three Inu­it tribes “Neho bamas joman­der hehth n’ bar­rat heht’oh?”, along with a trans­la­tion: Why do our son’s eyes look like those of the explor­er who vis­it­ed us last year?

Clear­ly this bears no rela­tion to my name what­so­ev­er, so I con­tin­ue to scour the libraries of Cale­don in search of clues.

Rez Day: Boom­time, The After­math 50, 3173 YOLD (8th Decem­ber, 2007)

SL Occu­pa­tion: Inter-sim play­boy. Senior inquisi­tor and novice tor­tur­er in The Guvnah’s Secret Police. (The sec­ond one is con­fi­den­tial, please remove it before pub­li­ca­tion.)

Music: The Spice Girls, Brit­te­ny Spears and Take That. I refuse to lis­ten to any­thing not record­ed by them.

Favorite Films: The Spice Girls Movie and any­thing fea­tur­ing Paris Hilton or Pamela Ander­son.

Lit­er­a­ture: Any­thing pub­lished by Mills & Boon.

RL Inter­ests: Ele­phant jug­gling. Being taller then every­body else. Grave rob­bing (I always car­ry a shov­el, just in case I hap­pen to pass a grave on my trav­els).

Favorite Quote: A Dis­cor­dian is Pro­hib­it­ed from Believ­ing What he reads.

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