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by rieladmin on Monday, 28 January, 2008

Name: Jomander Trefoil.

I was raised by my father, a cartographer in service to The Guvnah, who steadfastly refused to discuss the origins of my name with me. After his tragic death (he was crushed by a collapsing advertising hoarding in Blingtardia) I searched through his journals seeking an explanation. I discovered a passage written in a language spoken by only three Inuit tribes “Neho bamas jomander hehth n’ barrat heht’oh?”, along with a translation: Why do our son’s eyes look like those of the explorer who visited us last year?

Clearly this bears no relation to my name whatsoever, so I continue to scour the libraries of Caledon in search of clues.

Rez Day: Boomtime, The Aftermath 50, 3173 YOLD (8th December, 2007)

SL Occupation: Inter-sim playboy. Senior inquisitor and novice torturer in The Guvnah’s Secret Police. (The second one is confidential, please remove it before publication.)

Music: The Spice Girls, Britteny Spears and Take That. I refuse to listen to anything not recorded by them.

Favorite Films: The Spice Girls Movie and anything featuring Paris Hilton or Pamela Anderson.

Literature: Anything published by Mills & Boon.

RL Interests: Elephant juggling. Being taller then everybody else. Grave robbing (I always carry a shovel, just in case I happen to pass a grave on my travels).

Favorite Quote: A Discordian is Prohibited from Believing What he reads.


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