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Name: Emil­ly Orr. (Emi­ly is often seen; Em, Emmie, Emmy, one DJ insists on refer­ring to me as Emmy-Lou, but he is from Texas; Emi is gen­er­al­ly just for close friends. But in gen­er­al, I won’t mind mak­ing the short name short­er.)

SL Rez Day: July 10, 2006

Blog: Wel­come to the Train-Wreck Love Life (Warn­ing: Dra­ma alert!)

Occu­pa­tion: Event host at large, perky shop­girl in Cale­don Pen­zance, bar­keep of der Hut des Jaegers in Win­ter­fell Absinthe, Europa Con­sulate staff (and, appar­ent­ly, at least tem­po­rary keep­er of the Wulfen­bach Naval Fleet), trans­la­tor (for a fee, please, I am reveal­ing Girl Secrets!) of Girl­s­peak into Guys­peak.

Favorite Music: It’s eas­i­er to list what I don’t like. Noisec­ore, I can’t stand noisec­ore. I dis­like in the extreme thug rap (bar­ring Ice T). I don’t like real­ly whiny/twangy coun­try (think George Strait, Con­way Twit­ty, Mer­le Hag­gard) (though I’m fine with the new stuph–think Dix­ie Chicks, Kane, Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt). And I’m not crazy about heavy metal/death met­al groups that can’t sing (think Can­ni­bal Corpse and Napalm Death, not Cra­dle of Filth or Opeth).

Favorite TV Shows: House. Bones. CSI. Law & Order: SVU. Burn Notice. Dirty Jobs. Myth­Busters. And Star­Gate, Angel, and Buffy the Vam­pire Slay­er repeats.

Favorite Movies List­ed on my pro­file. 🙂 But I’ll men­tion Sweeney Todd, Night­mare Before Christ­mas, Arsenic & Old Lace, Desk Set, The Piano, Reefer Mad­ness, Rent, and Victor/Victoria. You might detect an unabashed love of musi­cals, there. In addi­tion: unre­pen­tant hor­ror fan, unre­pen­tant fan of stop-motion ani­ma­tion.

Favorite Books: Unre­pen­tant read­er, too. But I’d toss in Mind­play­ers by Pat Cadi­gan, Fal­con, Find­er and Bone Dance by Emma Bull, the Terre d’Ange series by Jacque­line Carey, the Samaria series by Sharon Shinn, and just about any­thing Mar­i­on Zim­mer Bradley, Zen­na Hen­der­son, William Gib­son and Jim Butch­er have writ­ten.

Favorite Quote: “I have a vest­ed inter­est in being con­fronta­tive.” (Richard Drey­fus)

Can Fre­quent­ly Be Found: In Cale­don Pen­zance, Vic­to­ria City, Rivu­la, Avaria, or in trou­ble.

Quirky facts: Accord­ing to Duchess Gabi, I have my own entourage. I can’t entire­ly say she’s wrong. My forté in build­ing seems to be prim puns, at present. I can’t stand sug­ar, in near­ly all forms. I have a some­what known love for chal­lenge foods–think duri­an and haggis–and a very well known love for bad movies (think Chil­dren Should­n’t Play With Dead Things and Slash­ers). Shapeshifter and Unseel­ie Sid­he, though neko most of the time. (In oth­er words, if you don’t rec­og­nize the per­son under the name tag, trust me, you’re not alone.)

[4:55] Dan­ny­boy Light­foot: nice to see you can still say some­thing that clear­ly makes com­plete sense in the world you inhab­it, but is bril­liant­ly mean­ing­less to me

[0:08] sachi Vix­en: do you ever sleep?
[0:08] Emil­ly Orr: Why does every­one keep ask­ing me that?

[12:24] Stiv Kacz­marek: Won­der what san­i­ty tastes like?

Usu­al­ly, I would­n’t know. 🙂

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