Happy Birthday Bela Bartok

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by Gabrielle Riel on Monday, 25 March, 2013

Bela Bartok, the great 20th Century Hungarian composer was born on this day in 1881.

Bartok is probably best known for his fascination with Eastern European folk music. Not only did he incorporate components of folk music into his compositions, but he also collected and studied it as a part of the practice of comparative musicology. This type of study eventually morphed into what we know today as ethnomusicology, and due to Bartok’s contributions he is considered one of the “founders” of this discipline.

Bartok’s earliest works were late Romantic in style, but as he matured as an artist he found inspiration and influence from Richard Strauss and Claude Debussy. By the mid 20th Century, Bartok had a style that was all his own that often combined the use of both tonal and atonal structures in his pieces.

Today’s program features the music of Bartok, some pieces from Debussy and R. Strauss, works from Hungary’s other great composer Franz Liszt, and finally some Eastern European folk tunes. We at Radio Riel thank you for listening!

Today’s program is presented by Gabrielle Riel. To listen, click here to start your player . If you are in the United States, please use the following link: http://loudcity.com/stations/radio-riel/tune_in .


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