Halloween Dance at Poppy Estate in Caledon

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by rieladmin on Sunday, 1 November, 2009

Radio Riel provided music at back to back Halloween dances this evening. The first one being at the Peacock Tavern in Wellsian with Gabrielle Riel presenting. The second dance at Autopilotpatty Poppy’s regular Saturday evening dance but moved back to 9 pm because of the earlier Ball in Wellsian that was expected to be heavily attended.

Just a few minutes after 9 the crowd began to arrive at the 150m high pavillion that was created especially for the event. Ghosts, electricity, skulls, fog, clouds, blowing curtains; all sorts of creepy halloweenish things would meld with the party goers with their wonderful array of costumes.

Well into the 4th continuous hour of Radio Riel music a special visitor arrived on scene in the form of Miss Infinity Linden. She endured us for well over 30 minutes, possibly longer, joining in the dance and visiting with us. A very delightful person indeed.



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