Girl Genius Day(s) — Jan 12, 13 & 14

Today (and Thurs­day and Fri­day) is/are Girl Genius Day(s)! Phil and Kaja Foglio, the fab­u­lous hus­band and wife team behind the pop­u­lar Girl Genius web­com­ic, have decid­ed to make today, Jan­u­ary 12, which is also Kaja’s birth­day, the offi­cial Girl Genius Day.

They have also asked their fans and read­ers to make a con­cert­ed effort on this day to pur­chase a copy of their new­ly released nov­el, “Agatha and the Air­ship City” in the hopes of gain­ing the atten­tion of inde­pen­dent book stores and push­ing the book into a high-rank­ing posi­tion on web­sites that sell books, such as . They are also encour­ag­ing Girl Genius fans to “do some­thing suit­ably mad and/or steam­punka­li­cious for the occa­sion”.

Well, that’s easy for Radio Riel! We have the only inde­pen­dent­ly pro­grammed (by humans), 24/7 Steam­punk radio sta­tion in the world! Start­ing today, and run­ning through tomor­row and Fri­day, we will be simul­cast­ing Radio Riel Steam­punk on to Radio Riel’s Main stream.

Please enjoy the “steam­punka­li­cious” music while you read “Agatha and the Air­ship City”. If you have not yet pur­chased your copy, you can use the link here on the right to do so!

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