Gilbert Knows Jack — Storytelling In Steelhead, 6:00pm — 7:00pm SLT

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by Gabrielle Riel on Sunday, 20 April, 2008

Join Radio Riel’s “Storyteller in Residence” this evening at The Steelhead City Hall for a session of stories on that iconic story protagonist…Jack. Join us at from 6:00pm — 7:00pm SLT.

Quoted from “Wonder Tales in Appalachia” by Grace Toney Edwards:

Jack’s stories almost always follow a formulaic pattern: Jack is the underdog or scapegoat who goes out into the world to try to make his way alone. Invariably Jack faces challenges that his brothers, Will and Tom, fail; but he surmounts them, usually by means of a supernatural helper (such as a bull’s horn or a tablecloth or a cowhide). These appear to be ordinary objects, but they have been endowed with magical powers and given to Jack, typically because he has shown human compassion somewhere in his lifetime. With the help of his tokens, then, Jack passes the tests, wins the stakes (usually gold and a pretty girl).”

Following the performance, Gilbert will answer questions regarding traditional tales and the art of storytelling, as time permits.

This is a live audio stream storytelling performance, produced by Radio Riel. Media url address for SL (or outside of SL listeners) :

About the Storyteller

Gilbert Sapwood is a storyteller, traveller and collector of tales. He tells stories from the British Isles, Ireland and from his Canadian home, stories from the Brothers Grimm, and tales from the folklore of the Good People, wherever they may be found. He is the founder of, and driving force behind, the Storytelling Guild of Second Life, and is committed to spreading the love of traditional storytelling in Second Life. If there is a fireside, pub or gathering that needs a story, he has one ready. Gil is available for private and public tellings, as short as required, or as long as a winter’s night.

Join the “Storytelling Guild of Second Life” group for information on future events.

Sponsored by the Steelhead Public Library, and produced by Radio Riel.


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