Generation X with Gabrielle

On this day five years ago, a woman with no expe­ri­ence in gam­ing, online com­mu­ni­ties or vir­tu­al worlds decid­ed to explore some­thing called Sec­ond Life. She had no idea how that sin­gle deci­sion would change her life.

For my (Gabrielle’s) 5th Rez­day, I am hon­or­ing my roots as a Sec­ond Life DJ. Before there was Radio Riel, there was Gen­er­a­tion X with Gabrielle, my week­ly show on T1 Radio that fea­tured the music of the 1980s and 1990s. There­fore, the music that you will hear on Radio Riel’s Main stream today is pri­mar­i­ly from the last two decades of the 20th Cen­tu­ry. I am also includ­ing some songs that have acquired spe­cial mean­ings for me over these last five years. It’s Gen­er­a­tion X with Gabi…all day!

Radio Riel pro­duces this pro­gram in con­junc­tion with the Alexan­dri­an Free Library Con­sor­tium of Sec­ond Life. You can lis­ten to the pro­gram now at Today’s music orig­i­nates from the music library of Gabrielle Riel.

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