Gen X with Gabrielle: January Gen X Hits

Join me, Gabrielle Riel, tonight from 6:00pm — 8:00pm SLT at the Time­less Under­ground in the RavKom Sim to relive the songs that hit Num­ber One on the Bill­board Pop charts in January…from 1980 to 1999! IM Mox­ie Grum­by, my Host for the evening, for a TP to the return of Gen X with Gabi!

It’s the new year, and see­ing the snow piled up out­side my win­dow in the upper Mid­west­ern Unit­ed States takes me back to the Jan­u­arys-past of my Junior High, High School, and Col­lege years. This was the time of year when school was often can­celed, and I spent the day tucked away in my room..sitting by my radio…listening to the top 40 hits and record­ing them on a cas­sette recorder. Or when my Col­lege room­mates and I would crank up the stereo and dance all day because class­es were sus­pend­ed due to snow.

Come have a “snow day” with me tonight! 🙂

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