Gen X with Gabrielle: 12″ Singles of the 80s

Thurs­day, Jan­u­ary 17 from 6:00pm — 8:00pm SLT, Gabrielle Riel broad­casts live from The Time­less Under­ground in the RavKom Sim for her show “Gen X with Gabi”. Assist­ing Gabi as Event Host in Sec­ond Life for this evening is Miss Emil­ly Orr.

Tonight’s show fea­tures noth­ing but 12″ Sin­gle tracks of the 1980s…with just a few from the ear­ly 90s sched­uled to play at the end of the show. Here is a brief excerpt from Wikipedi­a’s deif­i­ni­tion of the 12″ Sin­gle and what that term meant in the 1980s:

Increas­ing­ly in the 1980s many pop and even rock artists released 12-inch sin­gles that includ­ed longer, extend­ed, or remixed ver­sions of the actu­al track being pro­mot­ed by the sin­gle. These ver­sions were fre­quent­ly labeled with the par­en­thet­i­cal des­ig­na­tion “12-inch ver­sion”, “12-inch mix”, “extend­ed remix”, “dance mix”, or “club mix”.”

Did some­body just say “club mix”? Put on your danc­ing shoes my dears and come work it, Gen X Style, with Gabrielle, Emil­ly and the gang tonight at TU! If you can not attend, open in any media play­er to tune in.

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