From the Library: Victorian Vision

in Daily Programme

by Elrik Merlin on Friday, 11 April, 2008

Friday’s From the Library continues aspects of yesterdays theme, but with a slightly different focus. We start with a selection of Viennese Waltzes and broaden out to cover other dance and popular music of the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

The programme consists primarily of modern performances, but also included are the original recordings of a number of popular ‘hits’ of the period 1901–1920.

Today you will hear a selection of Strauss waltzes and other pieces characteristic of a Viennese evening or a formal ball; ballads and melodies of the period; and even a few recordings of mechanical instruments popular at the turn of the century.

In addition to attending formal balls and dances, and especially before the advent of the phonograph, the gramophone, and later the wireless, it was customary to entertain friends and family at home with musical soirées, in which the participants would sing and accompany each other, typically on the piano. Some of the songs they sang are included here in settings appropriate to home entertainments of the period.

From the Library is produced by Radio Riel in conjunction with the Caledon Library in Second Life. Today’s programme was produced by Elrik Merlin.

For more information on the Caledon Library, current exhibits and the work of Second Life reference libraries in general, please visit the Caledon Library Web site, or one of their locations in-world.

You can listen to the programme now at — the ideal URL to plug into your home parcel media address in-world — or simply visit any Caledon Library branch in-world and press Play on your embedded music player. (If you want to listen off-world, eg in Winamp or iTunes, and the above address doesn’t work for you, click here.)


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