From the Library: Movie Magic!

Today’s pro­gramme in our series From the Library fea­tures pri­mar­i­ly instru­men­tal film music from movies released in the 1930s onwards. The ear­li­est film score rep­re­sent­ed is prob­a­bly Sir Arthur Blis­s’s stun­ning music for the film adap­ta­tion of HG Wells’ Things To Come (poster, left), arguably one of the best sci­ence fic­tion films ever made, despite being very much of its era. Indeed, you’ll hear a fair amount of music from SF movies today.

From the Thir­ties and For­ties we also present music by British film music com­posers such as William Alwyn and Richard Addin­sell, and there are con­tri­bu­tions from William Wal­ton. Amer­i­can com­posers are also rep­re­sent­ed, includ­ing Stein­er, Sil­vestri, Manci­ni and Gold­smith. You’ll encounter quite a wealth of John Williams today too, from Star Wars to Har­ry Pot­ter, and in addi­tion we’ll be fea­tur­ing pieces of clas­si­cal music that have played a vital role in the movies.

As always, there are a few wild cards too. Richard Addin­sel­l’s War­saw Con­cer­to, from Dan­ger­ous Moon­light, is fea­tured. This Rach­mani­nov-esque minia­ture piano con­cer­to was alleged­ly writ­ten because Rach­mani­nov was not inter­est­ed in con­tribut­ing a piece for the film – but it became a huge hit in the ear­ly 1940s and spawned a series of works in a sim­i­lar vein, col­lec­tive­ly known as the “Den­ham Con­cer­tos” after the film stu­dios in Den­ham, Buck­ing­hamshire, where many British wartime films were made. Thus you will also hear Trevor Richard­son’s enthralling Lon­don Fan­ta­sia, which tells the sto­ry in music of life in a major British city in wartime. Anoth­er wild card is music from a movie that was nev­er actu­al­ly made, although it should have been: the mar­vel­lous­ly atmos­pher­ic score by Bri­an Eno and Daniel Lanois for a film about the Apol­lo space mis­sions.

From the Library is pro­duced by Radio Riel in con­junc­tion with the Cale­don Library in Sec­ond Life. Today’s pro­gramme was pro­duced by Elrik Mer­lin.

You can lis­ten now at — the ide­al URL for you to use in your home par­cel media address in-world — or sim­ply vis­it any Cale­don Library branch in-world and press Play on your embed­ded music play­er.

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One Response to “From the Library: Movie Magic!”

  1. Saffia Widdershins says:

    Ah — the mem­o­ries these soar­ing themes bring back! Long ago days of com­ing home from Sun­day school to curl up by the fire and watch the black and white Sun­day after­noon movie. Then salmon sand­wich­es and Bat­ten­burg cake for tea … of such were sub­ur­ban ear­ly six­ties Eng­lish child­hoods made!

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