From the Library — Mediaeval Medley

Music of the Mid­dle Ages was not some­thing you bought on a parch­ment and took home to lis­ten to.

It was played live and, as with most mod­ern live music, would change from per­for­mance to per­for­mance. Copy­right did not exist so writ­ing a hit song and liv­ing off roy­al­ties was not an option. Even if you did write a song, if some­one played it bet­ter than you, they often got the cred­it.

Today’s col­lec­tion includes music from pro­fes­sion­al musi­cians as well as his­tor­i­cal re-cre­ation­ists per­form­ing tunes that have been passed down through the cen­turies.


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