From the Library: Klezmer

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by Otenth Paderborn on Wednesday, 1 December, 2010

As sundown circles the globe tonight, Jews will begin celebrating the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah. In the same celebratory spirit, we offer today klezmer and Hanukkah music (and, along the way, just one or two pieces of klezmer Christmas music).

From the Library is produced by Radio Riel in conjunction with the Alexandrian Free Library Consortium of Second Life. You can listen to the program now in-world at, or click one of the buttons below. Today’s program is presented by Otenth Paderborn.

Tune in: Winamp windows Media Player Real             Player QuickTime

For more information on the Alexandrian Free Library, current exhibits and the work of Consortium members in general, please visit the Alexandrian Free Library website, or one of their branches in-world.

(Image by Flickr user isfullofcrap, Second Life resident Crap Mariner)


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