From the Library: An Early Music Festival

In today’s pro­gramme of Ear­ly Music, we fea­ture music of the Renais­sance from across West­ern Europe, from Britain, France, Ger­many, Spain and Italy.

You’ll be hear­ing both “loud” and “soft” bands — the for­mer includ­ing brass instru­ments such as the sack­butt (a pro­to-trom­bone), shawm (a wood­en reed instru­ment that is the pre­de­ces­sor of the oboe, brought to Europe from the Arab lands), rausch­pfeife (an aston­ish­ing­ly loud capped-reed instru­ment in which, like a bag­pipe chanter, the reed is enclosed and nev­er touch­es the lips, in con­trast to the shawm) and var­i­ous forms of per­cus­sion, usu­al­ly heard out­doors – not to men­tion bag­pipes; while the lat­ter includes qui­eter indoor instru­ments like the crumhorn, recorders, var­i­ous stringed instru­ments and occa­sion­al key­boards.

In this pro­gramme we will be includ­ing authen­tic ren­di­tions of Ear­ly Music by some of the mas­ters of the field, such as the late David Munrow, Ulsamer Col­legium and Musi­ca Reser­va­ta, cov­er­ing both sacred and sec­u­lar music, along­side mod­ern inter­pre­ta­tions from artists such as Corvus Corax, Qntal and Mince Pye.

From the Library is pro­duced in con­junc­tion with the Alexan­dri­an Free Library Con­sor­tium, and is pre­sent­ed by Elrik Mer­lin. For more about the work of the Con­sor­tium, please click here. You can lis­ten to today’s pro­gramme on our Main Stream as fol­lows:

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