From the Library: An Early Music Festival

in Daily Programme

by Elrik Merlin on Thursday, 21 May, 2009

In today’s programme of Early Music, we feature music of the Renaissance from across Western Europe, from Britain, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

You’ll be hearing both “loud” and “soft” bands — the former including brass instruments such as the sackbutt (a proto-trombone), shawm (a wooden reed instrument that is the predecessor of the oboe, brought to Europe from the Arab lands), rauschpfeife (an astonishingly loud capped-reed instrument in which, like a bagpipe chanter, the reed is enclosed and never touches the lips, in contrast to the shawm) and various forms of percussion, usually heard outdoors – not to mention bagpipes; while the latter includes quieter indoor instruments like the crumhorn, recorders, various stringed instruments and occasional keyboards.

In this programme we will be including authentic renditions of Early Music by some of the masters of the field, such as the late David Munrow, Ulsamer Collegium and Musica Reservata, covering both sacred and secular music, alongside modern interpretations from artists such as Corvus Corax, Qntal and Mince Pye.

From the Library is produced in conjunction with the Alexandrian Free Library Consortium, and is presented by Elrik Merlin. For more about the work of the Consortium, please click here. You can listen to today’s programme on our Main Stream as follows:

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