From The Library… Music of the Renaissance

Today’s broad­cast in the series From The Library, focus­ing on high­lights from our pre­sen­ters’ music libraries, fea­tures a selec­tion of music from the Renais­sance peri­od, and espe­cial­ly on the work of David Munrow, who was large­ly respon­si­ble for the resur­gence of inter­est in Mediæ­val and Renais­sance music in Britain in the 1970s until his sad death in 1976.

David Munrow’s vir­tu­oso per­for­mances, notably with The Ear­ly Music Con­sort of Lon­don, and his per­son­al enthu­si­asm are still remem­bered vivid­ly today by those who knew him, and he is still sore­ly missed.

The pro­gramme fea­tures a num­ber of record­ings by Munrow includ­ing the sem­i­nal Instru­ments of the Renais­sance and his per­for­mance of dances from Michael Prae­to­rius’s immense Terp­si­chore col­lec­tion. In addi­tion, we present the work of oth­er con­tem­po­rary artistes.

• Today’s pro­gramme fea­tures music from the library of Elrik Mer­lin and will be avail­able through­out the day. Tune in now at

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