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by Elrik Merlin on Thursday, 29 November, 2007

Today’s programme features a selection of Jigs & Reels from across the Celtic lands.

In addition we introduce the work of a group of Celtic artists who are perhaps not as well-known as they should be outside their native Galicia: Milladoiro. We will be including selections from their entire work during the day.

The Wikipedia article cited above suggests that Milladoiro are up among the world’s top Celtic bands along with the Chieftains: I am not certain this is true but they certainly deserve a great deal of attention. Founded in 1978, the band has since produced over two dozen albums. You can visit the Milladoiro English home page here.

In addition to a survey of their work across the years we will be playing selections from their collaboration with the English Chamber Orchestra, Iacobus Magnus. The album was recorded in 1994 at Abbey Road Studios, London and Estudios Cormoran, Galicia, and was commissioned by the Consorcio da Cidade de Santiago to celebrate the Jacobean Year. The work takes the form of an Orchestral Suite in seven movements, composed, arranged and orchestrated by the band, and is a musical representation of The Way of St James, the traditional pilgrimage to the ancient Cathedral of St James (pictured) in Santiago de Compostela, the capital of Galicia. This was one of the most important Christian pilgrimages in the Mediæval world.

• Photo based on this Wikipedia image.

• This programme was produced by Radio Riel in conjunction with the Caledon Library in Second Life, and presented by Elrik Merlin. Listen now at, or simply visit any Caledon Library branch in-world and press Play on your embedded music player.


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