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by Elrik Merlin on Monday, 20 April, 2009

You may have noticed that the information on our From the Library series of programmes (of which many of our daily shows are a part) has just changed.

For over a year we have been presenting From the Library – a series of programmes in which Radio Riel’s presenters, in conjunction with the Caledon Library in Second Life, have sought to share their interest in different genres of music with our listeners as part of our mutual goals: to educate, inform and entertain. Thus in addition to merely playing our choice of music, we have sought to provide additional information on the music, the composers, and the stories and history behind them, in this Programme Guide.

From today, we are pleased to announce that From the Library is now brought to you by the entire Alexandrian Free Library Consortium. You can read more about the Consortium here, but suffice to say that the Consortium includes the following members:

The Caledon Library — The 19th Century imagination
The Steelhead Public Library — 19th Century Oregon & Steampunk
The Winterfell Library — Gothics, Wordplay, the real and imaginary Middle Ages, Folklore
The Toussaint L’Overture Community Library of New Toulouse — Jazz Age Louisiana
The R.F.Burton Public Library of New Babbage — Steampunk
The Library at Amatsu Shima — Geisha Life and Lore
The West of Ireland Library & Cultural Centre
— Storytelling and Ireland
The Steeltopia Public Library (under construction) — Urban Steampunk, Automata, Dystopias, and General Literature
The Deadwood Library Association — 19th century Dakota and The Wild West.

We at Radio Riel are proud to be associated with these august bodies and share their celebration of, and pleasure in, learning and literacy. We invite you to visit the branches of the member organisations and enjoy their contents, as you enjoy our programming.


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