From Sacred to Samba: a Morning of Early Music and an Afternoon and Evening of Carnivale!

Carnival Parade in Brazil

Buon carnevale! Joyeux car­naval! Feliz car­naval! Today’s pro­gram on Radio Riel’s Main stream is two pro­grams in one!

This morn­ing you’ll hear sacred ear­ly music for a sooth­ing start to your Sun­day. Then at 11:00am North Amer­i­can Pacif­ic time we don our cos­tumes and dance in the streets; let the pre-Lenten fes­tiv­i­ties start! It’s time for Car­ni­vale!

You will hear a vari­ety of music from Car­ni­vale around the world. The pro­gram includes music from Italy, France and of course, Brazil! It’s a wild mix of gen­res. You will hear jazz, dance, elec­tron­i­ca and more as Radio Riel gives you the fes­tive beat for danc­ing in the streets!


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