From Fuschia with Love — The Spy Who Lagged Me

Be shak­en not stirred with the Pix­ie and the Prof’s lat­est descent into pun-tac­tu­lar spec­tac­u­lars.

Join us at Fuschi­a’s Frocks’ vol­cano lair, Cale­don Well­sian, for an evening of cock­tails, suave gen­tle­man and feisty ladies, to cel­e­brate not only all that is Bond — James Bond (and oth­er spy relat­ed non­sense), but also the fact that we’ve been half way up a moun­tain for a year now!

As usu­al, there will be free­bies, gad­gets and events, with the love­ly Mr Elrik Mer­lin of Radio Riel spin­ning the decks for us.

This mis­sion, should you choose to accept it, will take place on Fri­day 7th Novem­ber from 1–4pm SLT.

Dri­ve your Aston Mar­tin over the moun­tains* to the north of the Well­sian tele­hub, or rezz the TP box you might find there.

If you can’t be there in per­son, tune your short-wave receiv­er to ( in-world) and lis­ten for the secret code phrase embed­ded in the news broad­cast to tell you where to hand over the micro­film…

Did we men­tion the sharks with fr*@%$n’ laser beams?.…..


Fuschia and Alfon­so

*Actu­al­ly, don’t. The pass­es are closed for win­ter. Take the micro-copter or jet-pack.

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