Folk Byways with Elrik Merlin

Today we present a pro­gramme of tra­di­tion­al and mod­ern folk music, and a lit­tle folk-rock, from the UK.

The tracks range from the begin­ning of the mod­ern British folk move­ment in the 60s up to close to the present day, with some major names and some we should know bet­ter than we do. The focus is prob­a­bly some­where in the 60s and 70s, with plen­ty of music from the decades either side.

Today’s pro­gramme is pre­sent­ed by Elrik Mer­lin. Please click here to start your play­er if your brows­er is set up to pass streams to an exter­nal play­er. 

You can also lis­ten via TuneIn, either with their web site or via the TuneIn App, or on Online Radio Box — with a com­plete playlist for the past sev­en days.

Pho­to: Pen­tan­gle in 2007

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