Experimental Extended Broadcasts — On Now!

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by Elrik Merlin on Tuesday, 16 October, 2007

We are currently running a series of extended broadcasts outside our scheduled broadcasting hours (4–8pm SLT, Midnight-4am UK time, 1–5am European) and published special events programming.

As a result, it’s very likely that if you tune in to Radio Riel at almost any time, there will be something happening.

The extended broadcasts are currently being programmed by Elrik Merlin at Brideswell House (others may follow if this experiment is successful) and generally consists of a series of albums or tracks with a common thread, with few if any announcements. In any one sequence, one or more of the various genres that Radio Riel covers may be heard. The playlist repeats — though this may take several hours.

The extended stream will be replaced at appropriate times by the scheduled broadcast or special event.

Why not tune in now and hear what’s playing? http://rs3.radiostreamer.com:8100

*for technical reasons, no metadata is currently being broadcast other than the stream name.


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