Experimental Extended Broadcasts — On Now!

We are cur­rent­ly run­ning a series of extend­ed broad­casts out­side our sched­uled broad­cast­ing hours (4–8pm SLT, Mid­night-4am UK time, 1–5am Euro­pean) and pub­lished spe­cial events pro­gram­ming.

As a result, it’s very like­ly that if you tune in to Radio Riel at almost any time, there will be some­thing hap­pen­ing.

The extend­ed broad­casts are cur­rent­ly being pro­grammed by Elrik Mer­lin at Brideswell House (oth­ers may fol­low if this exper­i­ment is suc­cess­ful) and gen­er­al­ly con­sists of a series of albums or tracks with a com­mon thread, with few if any announce­ments. In any one sequence, one or more of the var­i­ous gen­res that Radio Riel cov­ers may be heard. The playlist repeats — though this may take sev­er­al hours.

The extend­ed stream will be replaced at appro­pri­ate times by the sched­uled broad­cast or spe­cial event.

Why not tune in now and hear what’s play­ing? http://rs3.radiostreamer.com:8100

*for tech­ni­cal rea­sons, no meta­da­ta is cur­rent­ly being broad­cast oth­er than the stream name.

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