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by Elrik Merlin on Friday, 16 January, 2009

During the course of this week we have been broadcasting experimentally at 128 kilobits per second instead of our usual 96 kb/s, which we hope is resulting in your enjoying a higher quality listening experience.

Assuming that these tests are successful, we intend to increase our standard transmission rate to 128 kb/s in the near future.

We would be most grateful for any comments you have about these tests, for example unusual stream disruptions, and especially if you are in-world at the time.

Eighteen months ago we determined that 96 kb/s represented a good compromise between audio quality and loading for listeners in-world, where the Viewer can take much of the available bandwidth leaving little for media streams. We believe that over the intervening period, average bandwidth availability and the power of listeners’ computers have increased to a point where we can safely offer a higher quality audio experience without compromising availability in-world.

Thank you for listening to Radio Riel!


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