DJ Profile: Rane Mokeev

Name: Rane Mokeev

AKA: The Rane Man

Sta­tus: Hap­pi­ly Retired 🙂

Rez Day: 3/9/2007

Occu­pa­tion: DJ for Radio Riel and Time­less Under­ground

Music Library: What­ev­er I feel like play­ing. Any­thing and every­thing, you name it.

Favorite Movies: George A. Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead,” “The Matrix,” “Trainspot­ting,”
Steven Spiel­berg’s “War of the Worlds.”

Favorite songs: Blue Oys­ter Cult “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” Enig­ma “Return to Inno­cence”

Favorite TV Shows: 24, The X Files

Favorite col­or: Green

Favorite non-land ani­mal: Car­char­o­don car­charias

Hob­bies: Writ­ing, read­ing, video games, fight­ing the man, fight­ing the pow­er, fight­ing the sys­tem, break­ing the sys­tem, gen­er­al­ly upset­ting peo­ple, mak­ing DJ pro­files no one will ever read,
bit­ing the hand that feeds me, cars & dri­ving
Ori­gin: There was an IBM sim, a mol­e­cule, some people…only took 3 hours for me to yell WOO GABI!!!

Oth­er: Not much is known about this strange char­ac­ter…

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6 Responses to “DJ Profile: Rane Mokeev”

  1. Moxie Grumby says:

    Oth­er: Not much is known about this strange char­ac­ter…

    Except that when you’re around I know there is fun on the hori­zon. 🙂

  2. Her Grace, Eva Bellambi says:

    I remem­ber that Woo! at the IBM par­ty. And we haven’t been the same since. Glad you are around, Rane!

  3. Rane says:

    Thanks guys! I was hop­ing to play this Fri­day but I see the sched­ule’s changed…might have to switch around some RL stuff but I should be good on the 5th!

  4. Moxie Grumby says:

    ooooh bum­mer about Fri­day — I was real­ly look­ing for­ward to that!

  5. Rane says:

    Ah but next week I’ll hope­ful­ly have some new tunes for every­one to enjoy 🙂

  6. Hermoine Pennyfeather says:

    Nice to see it’s offi­cial, Rane Man. And so nice to see you’ve brought Mixx Mox­ie into the Cale­don fold. What a great addi­tion to our com­mu­ni­ty!

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