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by rieladmin on Tuesday, 18 September, 2007

Name: Mitsu Figaro

Rez Day: Jan 21, 2007

Occupation: Founder of the Caledon Red Cross. Doctor of Pharmacology and Eastern Medicine. DJ, Anglophile and Nipponphile. Audiogeek since birth, practically. (AKA Dr Mitsu, Doc, Dr Figaro, Mitsu-sempai)

Music Library: Eclectic for the most part, with a mishmash of japanese rock and pop, and lesser known bands. A soundtrack hound from many animé tv shows and composers. Worships at the feet of Yoko Kanno and Hisaishi Joe. European techno up to the minute and quite a bit from 10 to 15 years ago. More known for ‘continent hopping’ during sets as a matter of course. So the music runs from arabic breakbeat all the way to fatboyslim to brasilica, with a side trip to South Korea and back again. A weakness for guitar bands from both canada and japan, and a burning curiousity to find yet more music from anywhere i can get my grubby little paws on it. (and usually do)

Favourite Books: Most anything Terry Pratchett, Kazuya Minekura’s Sayuki and it’s variations, Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden series. Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash, Zodiac. Anthony Yu’s Journey to the West translations vols 1–4, Arthur Whaley’s Monkey.

Favourite TV Shows: Stargate: Atlantis, Torchwood, Gensomaden Saiyuki:, Saiyuki: Reload, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2nd gig, SSS, ) Father Ted, One Foot In the Grave, Ultraviolet(BBC TV). GoGo Sentai Boukenger, Angel The Slayer, Xena: Warrior Princess.

Quote: “We’re all just living, until we die laughing”– Sha Gojyo, Kazuya Minekura’s
Gensomaden Saiyuki

DJ Experiences: I spent a solid two years as a college DJ in my small town community college from 1998–2000. Went through 3 format changes and during my final semester pitched and successfully ran a techno/electronica show for that final bit of time I was there. Used to spinning on the fly and making it up as I go, thanks to that.

Other: Wandered around Caledon after being made a citizen by our happy little Guvnah during my first week in world. Went to the Guvnah’s Ball within the 2 week mark and heard the Live DJing going on and loved it. Had always had an interest in streaming radio, but never had the chance to implement it until SL. Approached Duchess Carntaigh within a few months after that as I’d seen her workload steadily increase and offered my skills and experience. The rest you know…


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Azul July 22, 2008 at 17:55

I like your approach to music - as eclectic as mine, or perhaps more so. I hope we meet to chat in SL soon.


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