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by rieladmin on Thursday, 28 February, 2008

Name: Jun Kuroda (a.k.a. Junbug, the ratgirl)

Rez day: March 23rd, 2004


I am a: Wastelander, DJ, designer, Caledon hanger-on, rat girl, cyberpunk, steampunk, clean punk?, translator, doll collector.

My music: Very eclectic, including electronica and chiptunes, progressive rock, jrock, trance, industrial, old school goth etc… On the “classical” side I am very much a fan of Baroque and Ars Nova (that’s 14th century, folks!).

Most often found in: The Wastelands, Mew, Dia’s roof

Other tidbits: I am from Israel, but the only reason I have grown to accept to acknowledge it is because Infected Mushroom are f***ing awesome. I tend to swear a lot, it’s for emphasis. I am not ladylike. I am in the finishing stages of a B.A. in East Asia studies, focusing on Japan. I have never owned land in Caledon, although I’ve meddled with it ever since the first sim came on the map. Ask the guv’ 😉


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