DJ Profile: Gabrielle Riel

Orig­i­nal Pro­file

Name: Gabrielle Riel

SL Rez Day: April 21, 2006

Blog:Cale­don & Carn­taigh au Courant

Occu­pa­tion: Radio DJ, Duchess

Music Library: You name it, I have it. Well, I don’t have tons of Coun­try or Hip-Hop, but I can play Pirate music for four hours! One area that I do spe­cial­ize in: ear­ly Tech­no, the old skool REAL stuff.

Gold or Sil­ver: Sil­ver, prefer­ably with dia­monds

Favorite TV Show: Buffy the Vam­pire Slay­er

Favorite Movie: The Wiz­ard of Oz, Dead Poets Soci­ety, Beau­ty and the Beast (Dis­ney), Strict­ly Ball­room, Par­ty Girl

Favorite Col­or: Red

Red or White Wine: Cham­pagne, Dar­ling

Quote: “You see things; and you say “Why?’ But I dream things that nev­er were; and I say, ‘Why Not?’ ~ George Bernard Shaw

Oth­er: I can remem­ber the moment that changed my Real and Sec­ond Life. I walked into “La Vie en Rose”, the club for T1 Radio, and I heard a woman (the DJ) speak­ing on air after a song fin­ished play­ing. It hit me that she was speak­ing LIVE from…somewhere! The minute I fig­ured that out, I said to myself, “Ohhh this is SO cool! I want to do this!”

And, so…I did.

Extend­ed Pro­file — Cre­at­ed for SLC­N’s “Tonight Live”

SL Avatar Name : Gabrielle Riel

Skype name: gabrielle.riel

Email address:

SL Land­mark of your busi­ness or venue:

Radio Riel Head­quar­ters in Cale­don Pen­zance SLURL —

Per­son­al web­site:

Busi­ness Web­site:

SL Job Title: Leader of Radio Riel and The Duchess of Carn­taigh

SL Job Descrip­tion:

My SL is split into 2 dis­tinct, yet com­pli­men­ta­ry parts. I am the Duchess of Carn­taigh in the Inde­pen­dent State of Cale­don, SL’s pre­mière Vic­to­ri­an-Steam­punk com­mu­ni­ty of 34 sims man­aged by Desmond Shang. I own a void sim in Cale­don — Carn­taigh (which is what makes me a Duchess), and I am also a glob­al Estate Man­ag­er in Cale­don.

I am also the founder and leader of Radio Riel, an Inter­net Radio Sta­tion based in SL, on air dai­ly. Radio Riel plays an exten­sive vari­ety of music for lis­ten­ers with eclec­tic tastes. We also pro­vide music for a wide range of spe­cial events. I have a staff of 16 peo­ple: Pre­sen­ters (DJs), Hosts and a Busi­ness Man­ag­er. I also just start­ed, with Lady Edwina Heron, “Riel Events” — an event plan­ning com­pa­ny that is a sep­a­rate enti­ty from Radio Riel.

How long have you been on Sec­ond Life? — I rezzed on April 21, 2006

How long has your com­pa­ny been in Sec­ond Life? — Radio Riel launched on June 1, 2007 — Riel Events launched Decem­ber 1, 2007

What attract­ed you to Sec­ond Life in the begin­ning?

I came to SL with the wave of Pod­cast­ers and Pod­cast Lis­ten­ers in April 2006, after both Leo LaPorte and Adam Cur­ry men­tioned SL on their respec­tive Pod­casts.
I was curi­ous, espe­cial­ly after hear­ing Adam’s enthu­si­asm. I was also inter­est­ed to see what appli­ca­tions there could be for dis­tance learn­ing in SL, as I am a RL soft­ware train­er and Instruc­tion­al Design­er.

What else do you do here?
Well, these days I basi­cal­ly work on Radio Riel! I also put a lot of time into the offi­cial “Cale­don Social Sea­son”, which is a series of Balls, teas, salons and class­es designed to assist the res­i­dents of Cale­don with our ver­sion of “Vic­to­ri­an immer­sion”. I man­age the Cale­don Events Cal­en­dar as well.

I used to be a shopa­holic, always keep­ing up on the releas­es from the lat­est design­ers or read­ing Lin­den Lifestyles. I enjoy dec­o­rat­ing and land­scap­ing my land and homes. Although, sad­ly I don’t have time to be the queen of shop­ping and inte­ri­or design that I once was!
How does your busi­ness work?
Radio Riel pro­vides two types of pro­gram­ming:

* The Radio Riel Stream ( ), with occa­sion­al excep­tions, car­ries tra­di­tion­al music, and mate­r­i­al gen­er­al­ly writ­ten pri­or to 1950. Tune in and you will hear: Ear­ly Music (Mediæval/Renaissance), Baroque, Clas­si­cal and Light Clas­si­cal, Folk, Celtic, Ear­ly and Lat­er Jazz, Late 19th Cen­tu­ry Pop­u­lar, and more. We work in con­junc­tion with the Cale­don Library on dai­ly pro­gram­ming called “From the Library”. We fol­low a pub­lic radio sta­tion mod­el.

* At spe­cial events, usu­al­ly car­ried on sec­ondary streams, you will hear a greater range, cov­er­ing all of the above but extend­ing to New Age, Rock, Pop, Elec­tron­i­ca, Dance and more, depend­ing on the event. I have eight Pre­sen­ters (DJs), includ­ing myself, that man­age these live, on air events. This is the type of event that most peo­ple in SL are famil­iar with, with *one* big dif­fer­ence: we have very spe­cial­ized and deep music libraries, there­fore we tend to appeal to var­i­ous genre “purists”. We can play a for­mal Ball, a Renais­sance dance, a Big Band/Swing par­ty, or a clas­sic old skool rave.
Riel Events is an event plan­ning com­pa­ny that can pro­vide event man­age­ment or sup­port. Our goal is to help our clients put on a unique, “one of a kind”, event — whether for busi­ness or enter­tain­ment.
The one thing that Riel Events and Radio Riel share: atten­tion to details. We want to help our clients achieve their “Rie-ali­ty” in the viru­al world of SL. So, we put a large focus on being his­tor­i­cal­ly accu­rate, or cre­at­ing an envi­ron­ment that makes the guests feel like they have been trans­port­ed to anoth­er time and place.
I am also very, very proud and hon­ored by the fact that 6 of the 8 Radio Riel Pre­sen­ters have been RL radio broad­cast­ers or Club DJs. Their tal­ent astounds me.
How did you get start­ed with your Sec­ond Life career?
I start­ed my SL career as the par­ty plan­ner for Pod­show, Adam’s Cur­ry’s com­pa­ny. I was a TOTAL n00b when I did Pod­show’s launch par­ty and fash­ion show in May 2006! *cringes at the mem­o­ry*
As I explored SL, I stum­bled on to La Vie en Rose, a club in Rue d’Al­liez. I heard a woman talk­ing on air (Nuala Mara­cas of T1 Radio)…and I real­ized she was LIVE. I was hooked from that moment and want­ed to go on air myself. My first “DJ gig” was a music only event I did for Pod­show, an “All Pod­safe Music” par­ty in July 2006. I owe alot to Nuala and Trader1 Whiplash of T1 Radio — I DJd for them at T1 from Jan — May of last year.
I had moved to Cale­don in June 2006, and *com­plete­ly* fell in love with the com­mu­ni­ty. I was becom­ing more and more active there. I vol­un­teered to do the Cale­don Hal­loween 2006 Ball, and was then asked to do Christmas…and then anoth­er gig and anoth­er… These were all Clas­si­cal and Vic­to­ri­an music events.
I real­ized one year ago, in Jan­u­ary 2007, that there was an actu­al *mar­ket* for the music I was play­ing in Cale­don. Peo­ple were clam­or­ing for it…and peo­ple were approach­ing me and ask­ing to work with me! I dis­cussed the con­cept of a “Cale­don Radio Sta­tion” with my friend Red Cal­iber (who became Radio Riel’s cofounder)…and it just took off from there!
One thing peo­ple don’t know about you.
This is hard, as I am very open! lol Ok — I enjoy watch­ing rodeos — specif­i­cal­ly bull rid­ing.


* Get­ting the job as Pod­show’s par­ty plan­ner
* My first gig in Cale­don — The Hal­loween 2006 Ball
* My first “For­mal Ball” in Cale­don (Jan­u­ary 2007)
* My first Rez­day (April 21, 2007) at which we announced Radio Riel’s impend­ing arrival
* “Pirates of the Cale­don­ian” — a RFL fundrais­er which was the longest set I ever DJd (6 hours) and I auc­tioned my DJ ser­vices for an event..which went for $40,000 L. (May 2007)
* Radio Riel’s Launch — June 1, 2007, me and my first 3 Pre­sen­ters: Red Cal­iber, Edward Pearse and Mit­su Figaro — we set an SL record at the time by hav­ing 100 Avatars in Cale­don Carn­taigh

* Prim Perfect/Caledon Gai­ety Company/Radio Riel New Year’s Eve fundrais­er for Gar­dens of Hope — 24 hours of pro­gram­ming — 4 For­mal Ball events cel­e­brat­ing the New Year for Sydney/Melbourne, Lon­don, New York and San Fran­cis­co — a silent auc­tion and a live auc­tion — we raised $106,000 L (Dec. 31 2007)

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