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by Gabrielle Riel on Monday, 17 September, 2007

Original Profile

Name: Gabrielle Riel

SL Rez Day: April 21, 2006

Blog:Caledon & Carntaigh au Courant

Occupation: Radio DJ, Duchess

Music Library: You name it, I have it. Well, I don’t have tons of Country or Hip-Hop, but I can play Pirate music for four hours! One area that I do specialize in: early Techno, the old skool REAL stuff.

Gold or Silver: Silver, preferably with diamonds

Favorite TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Favorite Movie: The Wizard of Oz, Dead Poets Society, Beauty and the Beast (Disney), Strictly Ballroom, Party Girl

Favorite Color: Red

Red or White Wine: Champagne, Darling

Quote: “You see things; and you say “Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why Not?’ ~ George Bernard Shaw

Other: I can remember the moment that changed my Real and Second Life. I walked into “La Vie en Rose”, the club for T1 Radio, and I heard a woman (the DJ) speaking on air after a song finished playing. It hit me that she was speaking LIVE from…somewhere! The minute I figured that out, I said to myself, “Ohhh this is SO cool! I want to do this!”

And, so…I did.

Extended Profile — Created for SLCN’s “Tonight Live”

SL Avatar Name : Gabrielle Riel

Skype name: gabrielle.riel

Email address:

SL Landmark of your business or venue:

Radio Riel Headquarters in Caledon Penzance SLURL —

Personal website:

Business Website:

SL Job Title: Leader of Radio Riel and The Duchess of Carntaigh

SL Job Description:

My SL is split into 2 distinct, yet complimentary parts. I am the Duchess of Carntaigh in the Independent State of Caledon, SL’s première Victorian-Steampunk community of 34 sims managed by Desmond Shang. I own a void sim in Caledon — Carntaigh (which is what makes me a Duchess), and I am also a global Estate Manager in Caledon.

I am also the founder and leader of Radio Riel, an Internet Radio Station based in SL, on air daily. Radio Riel plays an extensive variety of music for listeners with eclectic tastes. We also provide music for a wide range of special events. I have a staff of 16 people: Presenters (DJs), Hosts and a Business Manager. I also just started, with Lady Edwina Heron, “Riel Events” — an event planning company that is a separate entity from Radio Riel.

How long have you been on Second Life? — I rezzed on April 21, 2006

How long has your company been in Second Life? — Radio Riel launched on June 1, 2007 — Riel Events launched December 1, 2007

What attracted you to Second Life in the beginning?

I came to SL with the wave of Podcasters and Podcast Listeners in April 2006, after both Leo LaPorte and Adam Curry mentioned SL on their respective Podcasts.
I was curious, especially after hearing Adam’s enthusiasm. I was also interested to see what applications there could be for distance learning in SL, as I am a RL software trainer and Instructional Designer.

What else do you do here?
Well, these days I basically work on Radio Riel! I also put a lot of time into the official “Caledon Social Season”, which is a series of Balls, teas, salons and classes designed to assist the residents of Caledon with our version of “Victorian immersion”. I manage the Caledon Events Calendar as well.

I used to be a shopaholic, always keeping up on the releases from the latest designers or reading Linden Lifestyles. I enjoy decorating and landscaping my land and homes. Although, sadly I don’t have time to be the queen of shopping and interior design that I once was!
How does your business work?
Radio Riel provides two types of programming:

* The Radio Riel Stream ( ), with occasional exceptions, carries traditional music, and material generally written prior to 1950. Tune in and you will hear: Early Music (Mediæval/Renaissance), Baroque, Classical and Light Classical, Folk, Celtic, Early and Later Jazz, Late 19th Century Popular, and more. We work in conjunction with the Caledon Library on daily programming called “From the Library”. We follow a public radio station model.

* At special events, usually carried on secondary streams, you will hear a greater range, covering all of the above but extending to New Age, Rock, Pop, Electronica, Dance and more, depending on the event. I have eight Presenters (DJs), including myself, that manage these live, on air events. This is the type of event that most people in SL are familiar with, with *one* big difference: we have very specialized and deep music libraries, therefore we tend to appeal to various genre “purists”. We can play a formal Ball, a Renaissance dance, a Big Band/Swing party, or a classic old skool rave.
Riel Events is an event planning company that can provide event management or support. Our goal is to help our clients put on a unique, “one of a kind”, event — whether for business or entertainment.
The one thing that Riel Events and Radio Riel share: attention to details. We want to help our clients achieve their “Rie-ality” in the virual world of SL. So, we put a large focus on being historically accurate, or creating an environment that makes the guests feel like they have been transported to another time and place.
I am also very, very proud and honored by the fact that 6 of the 8 Radio Riel Presenters have been RL radio broadcasters or Club DJs. Their talent astounds me.
How did you get started with your Second Life career?
I started my SL career as the party planner for Podshow, Adam’s Curry’s company. I was a TOTAL n00b when I did Podshow’s launch party and fashion show in May 2006! *cringes at the memory*
As I explored SL, I stumbled on to La Vie en Rose, a club in Rue d’Alliez. I heard a woman talking on air (Nuala Maracas of T1 Radio)…and I realized she was LIVE. I was hooked from that moment and wanted to go on air myself. My first “DJ gig” was a music only event I did for Podshow, an “All Podsafe Music” party in July 2006. I owe alot to Nuala and Trader1 Whiplash of T1 Radio — I DJd for them at T1 from Jan — May of last year.
I had moved to Caledon in June 2006, and *completely* fell in love with the community. I was becoming more and more active there. I volunteered to do the Caledon Halloween 2006 Ball, and was then asked to do Christmas…and then another gig and another… These were all Classical and Victorian music events.
I realized one year ago, in January 2007, that there was an actual *market* for the music I was playing in Caledon. People were clamoring for it…and people were approaching me and asking to work with me! I discussed the concept of a “Caledon Radio Station” with my friend Red Caliber (who became Radio Riel’s cofounder)…and it just took off from there!
One thing people don’t know about you.
This is hard, as I am very open! lol Ok — I enjoy watching rodeos — specifically bull riding.


* Getting the job as Podshow’s party planner
* My first gig in Caledon — The Halloween 2006 Ball
* My first “Formal Ball” in Caledon (January 2007)
* My first Rezday (April 21, 2007) at which we announced Radio Riel’s impending arrival
* “Pirates of the Caledonian” — a RFL fundraiser which was the longest set I ever DJd (6 hours) and I auctioned my DJ services for an event..which went for $40,000 L. (May 2007)
* Radio Riel’s Launch — June 1, 2007, me and my first 3 Presenters: Red Caliber, Edward Pearse and Mitsu Figaro — we set an SL record at the time by having 100 Avatars in Caledon Carntaigh

* Prim Perfect/Caledon Gaiety Company/Radio Riel New Year’s Eve fundraiser for Gardens of Hope — 24 hours of programming — 4 Formal Ball events celebrating the New Year for Sydney/Melbourne, London, New York and San Francisco — a silent auction and a live auction — we raised $106,000 L (Dec. 31 2007)


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